Monday, November 22, 2010

Remember Knee High?

This is the second guest post by my friend Bryce Baker.

So I have been asking the Lord for a Nehemiah moment recently and today I got it. I was wanting to see the big picture of events and where God wanted me to go from here. It's been my prayer for quite some time. Recently I've been reminded of the book of Nehemiah because of his faithfulness and unfailing big picture moments. I've been a faithful man of God but I haven't been able to see the next destination of this journey. The consistency of God in my life has been to not reveal the path but the destination so I have been patiently praying for it. In this way I shall only rely on Him for transportation to get there. It's a way of refining my faith and trust in Him. I see clear evidence throughout my life of these times and it's comforting to know that He will be faithful again.

It happened again last night. I was sitting with two friends and a question was brought up by one of them. It was a deep Biblical question that gets us all thinking and debating. I enjoy these times with my brethren because it's a chance to pull together years of different foundational knowledge into one conversation. As I was sitting there I realized that a couple years ago I would have had 4 relevant answers to this question. It got me discouraged. The forgetfulness of humans and the Word of God is nothing new. Even the chosen people of the God, the Israelites, forgot the words spoken and taught to them. It happens daily because humans are forgetful and we get distracted easily, however this is of no excuse, just reality. Needless to say I was convicted so I began to think about the path that got me here. It was a path full of Biblical devotion and worship. Non-fiction literature, child ministries, and city-wide worship gatherings has been my diet for some time now. All in itself is good but how can we stay healthy and sharp without the protein of the Word? Don't get me wrong, my diet consisted of God's Word yet the question remains. Which is more important? The concepts, truths, and lessons of God's Word or the non-forgetting memorization? The same could be asked, which is more important wisdom or knowledge? Both can be argued and we see clearly in the New Testament where the latter has failed civilizations from succeeding. We must memorize the scriptures yet without learning the concepts and truths of the Words it has no meaning. The same is true for the first that if we learn all the lessons and truth without remembering the Words then how in the future can we defend ourselves from the temptations of the evil ones?

Back in Biblical times it was required of the people to read and memorize the entire Old Testament. They read it daily and memorized every word. They experienced the true power of God and saw Jesus Himself in full earthly glory yet still didn't believe. Memorization alone will not save your soul but it is a necessity in continual growth. David writes in Psalms 119. "Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee…", "…I will delight myself in they statutes: I will not forget thy Word." It's a song we need to sing more often and a practice we need to refine.

I have never intentionally ridden on the coat tails of grace but I believe, we as Christians, ride on the coat tails of the past. It's comfort is familiar and it's emotions still ring true yet the words that touched us are as but a distant memory. In my heart I know what I believe and I lean of it daily yet the words from my mouth are like a song whose words I've forgotten. Reassurance is found back in the pages of God's Word which is like a long lost friend who returns and you interact like they never left. I'm convicted by the fact I can see the path I've taken, though it not being in the wrong direction, it's journey has made me forget the details that got me here in the first place. It is something I will be more cognizant of it in the future.

If you are like me and feel as though you've forgotten knowledge don't be discouraged. Be encouraged that you recognize it now and use it to return to the roots of your salvation and faith. Remember that there is not a final destination of growth but that it is a continual journey of your faith and relationship with God your Father. So the point I've learned is that sometimes the next destination in life can be nowhere at all on this earth but the direction you need to take is pointed directly inside yourself. Read Colossians 3, renew your mind, pray for Nehemiah moments, and sing worship to your Creator.