Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Worth of a Woman

When I was in college I was involved with a group now known as CRU. One Valentine's Day the men positioned themselves strategically around campus (mostly outside of the girls' dorms). We had a buckets of carnations with a note attached and handed it out to EVERY girl that walked by until we were out of them to ensure as many women as possible got a flower on Valentine's Day. While most people who read this today are not in college, I think the message on the note was timeless and have posted it below. May you read it and feel loved and blessed:

Today, you are hearing many messages from the world. You are hearing that your value and worth is dependent upon your success, your physical appearance, your relationship status, and even in the question, “Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?” You might be experiencing several emotions: From feeling lonely to feeling connected; from frustration to satisfaction; from feeling rejected to feeling accepted; from feeling unattractive to feeling beautiful; from feeling unappreciated to feeling valued…

However, your identity is not tied up in who you are or aren’t dating… your identity is not tied up in how the world tells you to view yourself… How you might feel today does not define who you are. On this Valentine’s Day, may this flower serve as a reminder to you that Jesus loves you – so much so that God has declared you to be “fearfully and wonderfully made”. You have been created to bear the image of God and to know Him personally. Today, you can believe Jesus as He says “You are beautiful, you are infinitely valuable to me, and you are eternally special…I love you.”

If you are at a place where you needed to hear this message or want to know more about its meaning and how Jesus loves you unconditionally, please feel free to message me and I would be happy to follow up to talk, listen or answer any questions. Otherwise, know the message to be true and feel loved today even if no one verbally expresses it to you.


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