Thursday, October 30, 2008

Charlotte Word Camp

Charlotte WordCamp is coming to town on November 15, 2008 and I am hoping to attend. Charlotte WordCamp is a conference type of event that focuses squarely on everything WordPress. Everyone from casual end users all the way up to core developers show up to these events. These events are usually highlighted by speeches or keynotes by various people.

So why am I telling you about this? For a few reasons. First, by posting a blog on the event, I can potentially earn a free registration to the event sponsored by Second, I would really like some input onto how I can make my blog more interactive and user friendly. Please provide input on anything you can think of. Are my posts too long? Is the font or coloring making it difficult to read? Do I make it to personal or not personal enough? Content: what would you like to read about?

My last two blog posts have had more readers and comments than my entire blog's combined history. How did you find my blog and what would keep you coming back to read it on a normal basis?
And for those observant types that notice the conference is for WordPress while my blog is on Blogspot, I will learn valuable tips for blogging in general but I also have a blog planned out for the future that will exclusively focus on counseling issues and an advice column, which will most likely end up on WordPress.
You can answer these questions and provide in feedback below.


Tim Glase said...

1) The best advice I can give you is to add to your favorites.

2) Focus on a niche that assumes a target audience. My Progress Avenue has thousands of visitors because I initially and personally reached out (via email) to about 1000 contacts I identified.

3) Counseling, like community and charity efforts, is a personal and relational exercise. Build quality relationships.

You have some nice content. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't have a lot of advice as far as sprucing up your blog...but I do enjoy reading it. I received the link from Kim (at Peer In) and have been checking back from time to time. Your delivery is great and the way you address/express your ideas/concerns/ entertaining as well as informative. Just thought I'd give a little feedback to encourage you to keep blogging, you're doing a great job.