Monday, November 3, 2008

A Conservative's Support of President Obama

Let me first tell you about my political affiliation. I am about as conservative as they come in a voting booth. I unashamedly voted for Bush twice (although there are a lot of things recently that have given me pause), I am for smaller government, less taxation or at least a fair tax, and protection of life from conception to death. I enjoy capitalism and believe people should be rewarded based on the fruits of their labor including the education it took to get them there. While I am all for helping the poor, I am not for blanket handouts (widespread not cloth). I believe our welfare system sucks and should be re-examined and revamped. I am for personal responsibility in all areas. While I am all for helping the Earth, I think people have gone too far in their ideals and demands especially when it is a world effort and China is not helping. I am against the gay agenda and its push to make itself known to children as young as five. Regardless of belief, I am against pushing the mere mention of God out of schools and every government institution.
As you can imagine, last night was a kick in the teeth to my ideals and view of what America is and what America can be. I will say that I was not a fan of McCain either, but felt he was the better option to at least stem the tide until someone else could get us back on track. I literally felt sick with dread yesterday, knowing the inevitable was coming.

With all of that being said, I am calling for the immediate support of Barak Obama from everyone. I know people are mad and upset. I would rather strap raw meat to my back and run through a pack of hyenas than to have seen this outcome. I am absolutely pissed because I think he has successfully pulled the wool over America's eyes with fancy rhetoric and speeches. However, he is the fairly elected President of the United States of America.
I think people forget, that more than anything, the President is a symbol of this great nation and a testament to the democratic process. People definitely forgot that with Bush. Dissent is okay and people who disagreed with the war had every right to raise hell. But they went to far, made it too personal, and then made sure they never agreed with him even if he was right on an issue. I believe this further fragmented and diluted the power of our great nation. I do not want to see the same thing continue.
I will pledge to continue to stand up for conservative ideals but at the same time I am going to support Barak Obama as President of the United States. When he fails with certain decisions or policies, and he will, I will fairly criticize him. However, as sharp as my dissension may be, I will not bitch and moan for the sake of it without having rational alternatives behind it. I will keep a sharp eye out for Socialistic tendencies and anything that contradicts our Constitution, including the re-distribution of wealth through taxation. We will soon see how much Barak cares about this country by the policies he makes that will either help or cripple this nation.
While conservatives should remain hopeful and confident in our position, looking forward to 2012, we should at least offer Barak a chance to better this nation. The American people have spoken. America is split. It is time for liberals and conservatives to do a little listening. If there is one thing I have learned during this election, it is that many people were magnetized to Obama because they believed he would inspire Americans to be better people (look for a future blog real soon on this misnomer). If he is halfway successful, I will consider his presidency good for this country. If not, we can boot his ass in four years.
Here is to democracy and the future of the United States of America.


Russell said...

Kevin as much as I don't want to admit it your blog is correct. I'm about as conservative as you but we as Americans and more importantly as Christians should give obama a chance. We should listen to what he has to say and to support the programs we agree with and let him know when we don't agree with him. As much as I don't like it. I have to give him a chance. The Republicans are partly to blame for the economic problems and Obama should be give a chance to solve it.

Andy said...

The media controlled this election. How can we one year give Ross Perot a spot on the podium, but not provide any press or recognition to any other third party in recent years? It just enhances the polarization that exists in our country.

How can 100 reporters show up on Joe The Plumber's front lawn in a day, but not even try to stick a microphone in front of Bill Ayers, et al, in 2 years?

We as Christians submit to a higher calling. And, for better or worse, we move forward. I pray that I can give Obama the support the media failed to give Bush in the last 6 years.

Christians, be on watch. This is our opportunity to serve. To humbly submit. And, regardless of who became/becomes president, we are in for a rough ride the next year or so. So, prepare yourself financially. Save, give, and help your fellow man. Don't wait for a government to tell you to do so. And, most importantly, do it for His glory - not yours.

Zack Brown said...

Hey, I actually don't know who you are, I found this link on Will Krueger's facebook wall. I am a liberal who supports equal rights for everyone, privacy and choice in medical decisions (though I would never advise a loved one to get an abortion) and big environmental regulation. I support Obama.

But here is where I REALLY disagree with you: this is a great country because your fundamental duty is to not support the president if you disagree with him. You have an obligation not to support an elected official you disagree with--otherwise your voice falls silent. Sign and organize petitions, stage rallys and talk to neighbors. If you think Obama should appoint judges with pro-life leanings, then give money to groups that advocate the pro-life values. America was founded on dissent and will only prevail if we continue to disagree with each other.

UTKevDawg said...

Zach, I think you misunderstood my point and I am in complete agreement with you on dissent. But Obama has not even started his presidency and already faces heavy criticism about what he has not yet done.
Bush didn't do half the stuff he said he was going to do. It is a different beast when you are off the stump and in the House.
What I am saying is let's give him room to work but when he does things we disagree with speak up about and protest those policies and decisions rather than resort to simple name calling and rhetoric like people did with Bush.

Rachel said...

I'm catching up on your blogs. Your point is excellent, right on, and well stated. No matter who is in office, God is in power. Be it Bush or Obama, our fairness and conscious respect is due.